• Who is the manufacturer’s representative of BARTON GI Conduits in UK?

Hub Le Bas is the distributor for BARTON GI Conduits in UK and Ireland, see www.hoblebas.co.uk

  • Who is the manufacturer representative of BARTON GI Conduits in the Middle East/Rest of the world?

Barton Engineering FZE is the distributor for BARTON GI Conduits in the Middle East, North Africa & Asia Pacific Region, see https://barton-engineering.co.uk

  • How do I get BARTON GI Conduits in Saudi Arabia?

For BARTON GI Conduit in Saudi Arabia, please contact Barton Engineering FZE at


  • What British Standards do BARTON GI Conduits comply with?

BARTON products are manufactured in accordance with the following British standard:

BARTON GI Rigid Steel Conduits and Accessories – BS EN 61386-1, BS EN 61386-21, BS 50086, BS4568 and BS-31

BARTON GI Flexible Conduits and Accessories – BS EN 61386-23

BARTON GI Adaptable boxes are manufactured – BS 4568-2

BARTON GI Switch and Socket boxes – BS 4662

BARTON GI Trunking – BS 4678

  • What are the available conduit sizes?

BARTON GI Conduits are available in 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 1 ½ inch, & 2 inch.

  • Are Barton Conduits Rigid Metal Conduits (RMC)

Yes, Barton GI Conduits are hot dipped galvanised Rigid Metal Conduits manufactured to British Standard BS EN 61386-21

  • Does each conduit come with a coupler on each end?

Yes, each Barton GI Conduit is fitted with a rigid steel coupler on one end & a protective plastic endcap on the other.

  • What are the different ranges of Flexible Conduits available in Barton?

Barton Flexible Conduit range includes Metallic Conduit, Low Smoke & Fume Flexible Conduit (LSF), Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flexible Conduit (LSZH), Liquid Tight Conduit (LT), Low Smoke Liquid Tight Conduit (LSLT)

  • Are Barton Flexible Conduits suitable for outdoor applications?

Yes, Barton Flexible Conduits range from IP40 to IP66 Rating which is perfectly suitable for outdoor applications.

  • Are Barton Conduits resistant against corrosion?

Yes, BARTON GI Conduits & Accessories are galvanised to the highest corrosion protection. All Hot Dipped Galvanised (Class-4) products meet the highest levels of protection against corrosion specified in BS EN 61386-1, BS EN 61386-21, BS 50086, BS4568.