Steel Trunking

Barton steel trunking is manufactured from pre-galvanised steel in accordance with BS 4678 and BSEN 50085. It is available in 3 meter lengths complete with lid, coupler and screws. Standard width/heights suit all applications from 75x75x50mm to 300x300x150mm. Larger sizes are available on request.

Galvanised cable trunking

Multi-Compartment Range

Barton multi compartment trunking incorporates evenly spaced separators to create individual compartments within the trunking. Loose separators are also supplied with the accessories to maintain cable segregation. Multi Compartment Trunking is used when electrical cabling needs to be physically separated e.g. data and power.

Quick-Fix Range (QF)

This is the most popular range of trunking. It features a rapid and fool proof method for securing the lid, by simply twisting turnbuckles through 90 degrees. These lock the lid in place, providing full earth continuity between body and lid. The range is manufactured from high quality galvanised steel as standard and is your one stop solution for electrical trunking systems.

Steel Cable Trunking Steel Cable Trunking
Right Angle Bend Top Lid Right Angle Bend Top Lid
45 Degree Bend Top Lid 45 Degree Bend Top Lid
4 Way Box 4 Way Box
Hanger Hanger
Top Bend Top Lid Top Bend Top Lid
Reducer Reducer

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