Flexible Conduit

Barton flexible steel conduit systems shield power, lighting and data cable from vibrations and movement, corrosion and water ingress. The galvanised steel core is manufactured to tight tolerances to ensure the bore is smooth for ease of cable pulling.

The systems are available in steel or with halogen free, low smoke and low toxicity coverings. Barton steel flexible conduit systems perform in a wide variety of harsh environmental conditions including extremes of temperature, dust, salinity and UV.

All products conform to BSEN 61386-23 and protect installations in Oil & Gas, Marine, Aviation, Healthcare, Food Hygiene, Commercial Contracting, Security, Data, Machinery and Transport.

Metal flexible conduit (F562)

Galvanised metal general purpose flexible conduit for dry and accessible applications, protected from physical damage. High flexibility and long fatigue life.

Low smoke & fume flexible conduit (F582 – LSF)

Galvanised metal conduit with a flame retardant, low smoke and fume PVC cover, specified where corrosion, abrasion, oil and water resistance is important. High flexibility.

Low smoke zero halogen flexible conduit (F583 – LSZH/LS0H)

Galvanised metal conduit with a flame retardant, low smoke zero halogen PVC cover suitable for transit and transportation systems. Corrosion, abrasion, oil and water resistant. High flexibility.

Liquid tight flexible conduit (F592 – LT)

Galvanised metal conduit with a liquid tight cover provides protection for wiring circuits located in wet or damp areas. Oil and chemical resistant. Medium flexibility.

Low smoke zero halogen liquid tight flexible conduit (F593 – LSZH+LT)

Flame retardant, low smoke zero halogen liquid tight flexible conduit. Low flexibility

25mm flexible conduit

Our flexible conduits are available in the popular 25mm flexible conduit sizing. Full break down of range including parts and sizing are below:

Part Code 20mm flexible conduit 25mm flexible conduit 32mm flexible conduit 40mm flexible conduit 50mm flexible conduit 63mm flexible conduit
Roll Size 30m 30m 20m 20m 20m 10m

Fittings for flexible metal conduit

A full range of male and female nickel plated connectors and adaptors is available to install the Barton flexible metal conduit systems.

Flexible Conduit Fittings (Zinc/Brass) & (Male/Female)
Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit Fittings (Zinc/Brass)